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I've been what we call channel, since I was 15. I started by writing messages in automatic writing, then I started reading the chakras in divinatory and psychological mode.

In 2017, I was initiated, in a state of channel, to the Unitary Song of the Stars © by the Brothers and Sisters of the various constellations of our solar system. This is how I started to emit multidimensional sounds, stellar shamanic chants.

These Beings very close to The Source pass through me, changing my frequencies and energetic structures so that the purity of their sounds can infuse in every human who will listen to their songs.

When I transmit these songs I receive more than I give. I am thus the witness of my transformation towards the New Human of 5th and 6th dimension. Step by step, my Star Brothers and Sisters and I are accompanying you in this Ascension towards Unity.

As a stellar messenger it is an honor for me to offer you another possibility to live your life here on earth, in particular with ego disidentification. The illusion matrix in which you have been imprisoned must now be dissolved, your karma released, in order for your Soul to begin its Ascension.

My journey as a clairvoyant therapist, lecturer, writer, artist-painter has led me to this crucial stage of the new millennium.

Sharing this with you is a source of intense joy.

You can find all my news HERE

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