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Each song is unique and should be listened to in the chronological order described. Failure to comply with this directive releases Sylvie Zindel from any liability for any inconvenience caused by inappropriate listening.

Some songs are short (13 mins) and others longer (25 mns) but the power of the transmission is the same. When it comes to dissolutions it's just longer, which makes sense, than when it comes to encoding or initiation.

Sometimes there is a few minutes of silence at the beginning of the song, due to my structural energy preparation.

For the purchase of a single song, you will receive the download link directly.

For the purchase of a pack, I will send you the content by wetransfer within 72 hours and you have a few days to download it. Please give your corresponding email address to avoid any hassle.

Without any precision on my part concerning the temporal space between each listening, you can safely listen to one song per week. Otherwise, the time between each listening is clearly specified. Do not forget, however, that the body has a capacity for integration specific to each one so do not overestimate your aptitudes for change and re-information.

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