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What is a unitary song of the stars ©?

These are sounds transmitted during songs or chants, whose frequencies are diffused on all planes and in all dimensions of your Being, as close as possible to The Source.

During the sessions I enter a state of deep channeling, although I retain my capacity for observation. The Beings who pass through me can thus infuse beyond all form and distance, allowing wide-scale dissemination, even during recordings.

Although I use professional audio equipment, there are some sounds that just cannot be recorded on a medium, 'this is so. However you will receive the transformative information in 8 to 12 of your bodies, dimensions and chakras.

Encodings of Light penetrate your deepest structures, including your human DNA.

It is a stage of preparation for the New Earth, in a passage from the illusion matrix to the Divine Matrix.

You are extracting yourself, step by step, from the old paradigm of the ego to open yourself to the state of New Human connected to the Great All.

There will be 4 series, to listen to in the chronological order below to guarantee your comfort and optimal integration:

FLOWER OF LIFE: full description HERE

METATRON: description of the first 5 packs HERE

NEW HUMAN: end of 2020

DIVINE MATRIX: end of 2021

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter via my site to be kept informed of news. There will be a hundred songs altogether but I can only record one or two per month because I receive as much as I transmit, if not more. My human structures, just like yours, need time to integrate new information, encodings, frequencies and energetic structures. Wanting to go faster than you can handle is insane and dangerous.

Follow listening guidelines and deadlines to get the most out of the vocals.

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